SolarEdge SE80K-US08IBNZ4 80kW 480VAC 3-Phase Primary Synergy Manager w/ DC Safety Switch & AC/DC SPD

SolarEdge SE80K-US08IBNZ4 80kW 480VAC 3-Phase Primary Synergy Manager w/ DC Safety Switch & AC/DC SPD

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SolarEdge SE80K-US08IBNZ4 80kW 480VAC 3-Phase Primary Synergy Manager w/ DC Safety Switch & AC/DC SPD

SolarEdge SE80K-US08IBNZ4 80kW 480VAC 3-Phase Primary Synergy Manager w/ DC Safety Switch & AC/DC SPD

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Regular price $1,578
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39.6 lb
(LxWxH): 11.6 x 22.4 x 14.17 inches

The SolarEdge Inverter System is an all-in-one solution that includes an inverter, charger controller, and a display with remote monitoring capabilities. The Sol-Ark is simple to install, whether in a Grid-tied, Off-Grid, or Battery Backup solar system. It manages power to and from Solar, Battery, Grid, Loads, and Generator.


General Information

  • Model: SolarEdge SE80K-US08IBNZ4
  • Series: Energy Hub
  • Manufacturer: SolarEdge

Electrical Data - Output

  • Maximum AC Power Output: 80,000 VA
  • AC Output Line Connections: 3W + PE, 4W + PE
  • AC Output Voltage (L-N): 244 - 277 - 305 VAC
  • AC Output Voltage (L-L): 422.5 - 480 - 529 VAC
  • AC Frequency: 59.3 - 60 - 60.5 Hz
  • Maximum Continuous Output Current @208V: 96.5 A
  • GFDI Threshold: 1
  • Utility Monitoring, Islanding Protection, Configurable Power Factor, Country Configurable Thresholds: Yes

Electrical Data - Input

  • Maximum DC Power (STC): Inverter 120,000 W / Synergy Unit 60,000 W
  • Transformer-less, Ungrounded: Yes
  • Maximum Input Voltage (DC+ to DC-): 1000 V
  • Operating Voltage Range: 850 - 1000 V
  • Maximum Input Current: 2 x 48.5 A
  • Reverse-Polarity Protection: Yes


  • Manufacturer Warranty: 12 Years
  • Refer to warranty document for terms and conditions


Detailed Information

SolarEdge's commercial inverters continue to evolve, releasing new three-phase 17.3kW (208V grid) and 40kW (480V grid) models. They are over 20% lighter than previous models for easier installations, offer more energy production and greater savings with up to 150% DC oversizing. The Synergy Power Series is perfect for ground mount, carport, and rooftop solutions.

Quality and Certifications

  • UL1699B, CSA C22.2#107.1, Canadian AFCI according to T.I.L. M-07
  • IEEE 1547, Rule 21, Rule 14 (HI)
  • FCC part 15 class A

Additional Features

  • High Reliability: Cell interconnections and diode placements are field-proven to offer excellent reliability.
  • Fast Commissioning: Inverter commissioning directly from a smartphone using SetApp.

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