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20 Nov 2023

The Best Off Grid Solar System for Your Cabin

Going Off-Grid with Solar — The Cabin Depot


You’ve finally set up your dream cabin. One close enough that you can still run to the store for a cold one but remote enough that you don’t have to sacrifice location over dependence on the grid. 

Living off-grid doesn't mean you have to compromise on comfort. With the right off grid solar system, you can enjoy all the conveniences of modern life while being free from public utilities and preserving the environment. Here is what you need to know about off-grid solar systems for your cabin. 

Why You Should Go Off Grid at Your Cabin

Choosing the right off-grid solar system for your cabin can be a game-changer, enabling you to enjoy all the comforts of modern living while being miles away from the nearest power grid. 

Solar power is an excellent option for powering your cabin for several reasons.


Energy Independence

Solar power provides energy independence, allowing cabin owners to generate their own power and reduce reliance on the grid. This means you can enjoy a quiet, tranquil off-the-grid lifestyle without worrying about rolling utility bills or potential outages in inclement weather. 


Eco Friendly

You are smack in the middle of nature, and it feels fitting to honor your surroundings with a low impact energy choice. Solar power is eco-friendly. Solar cabins use clean, pure energy from the sun, in sharp contrast to fossil fuel energy sources, such as gas or coal, which contribute to pollution.



Solar power is increasingly affordable. Investing in solar panels for your cabin can also save you money in the long run. You may not be there all of the time, so why not have an energy source on demand rather than one that runs up a monthly bill?

From hippie cabins to solar farms, Carbondale's Sunsense sticks it where  the sun will shine | PostIndependent.comPhoto Credit: Post Independence 

How to Choose Solar for Your Cabin

The best systems provide reliable energy, are easy to install and maintain, and are built to last, even in harsh weather conditions. Whether you're looking for a weekend getaway or planning to live off-the-grid full time, a high-quality solar system can meet your energy needs, reduce your carbon footprint, and offer a sense of independence that traditional power sources simply can't match. 

Let's explore some of the top off-grid solar systems available today that could make your cabin a self-sustaining haven.

Off Grid vs. Tied Solar Systems

Off-grid solar systems provide a sustainable and cost-effective solution for energy independence, especially in light of increasing electricity costs, which rose by 13% from February 2022 to February 2023. These systems harness sunlight to produce electricity, storing surplus energy in batteries for use when needed. This transition to off-grid power involves cutting ties with local energy providers, giving complete energy independence.

The decision between an off-grid or a grid-tied system - which remains connected to the utility grid and can sell excess energy back - depends on individual needs and preferences. 

The good news? Both types of systems are eligible for the 30% Federal Solar Tax Credit (with some caveats concerning your cabin as a primary or secondary residence).

Off Grid Solar Systems

Off-grid solar systems can be tailored to meet specific energy requirements and come in three main types: solar-only, hybrid, and solar with a backup generator. While these systems can be pricey, with high-capacity batteries driving up costs, your investment can pay off in the long run, depending on usage. 

This is the best option with the most versatility when considering an energy solution for cabin. 


On Grid Solar Systems

On-grid solar systems, or “grid-tied solar systems,” are solar power generation systems connected to the local utility grid. Sometimes, connecting to the grid is not even a possibility if your cabin is remote. These systems are most common for homes and businesses due to their ability to participate in net metering and buyback programs.

On-grid systems work by generating electricity from sunlight during the day and feeding any excess power back into the grid. This is known as net metering and can result in credits on your electricity bill. When the solar panels are not producing power, such as at night or during periods of heavy cloud cover, electricity is drawn from the grid to supply your needs.


The Best Battery Storage for Your Cabin

The best battery storage for your cabin depends on your specific needs. 

  • Lithium Batteries: Lithium batteries are maintenance-free, work well at nearly all temperatures, can be fully discharged, and charge more quickly than other types of batteries.
  • Deep-Cycle, 6-volt or 12-volt Batteries: These are recommended for small cabin energy storage as they offer durability and longevity.
  • 48v Server Rack Batteries: These have been suggested to provide a good cost-benefit ratio for off-grid battery storage.

These are some of the best off grid battery storage options. 

Simpliphi SPHI-ESS-30-12 Energy Storage System: 6 Batteries, 29.88 kWh, AC or D

Simpliphi Energy Storage System

Specs: Simpliphi SPHI-ESS-30-12 Energy Storage System: 6 Batteries, 29.88 kWh, AC or D


  • EnergyTrak - Energy management software platform with multi-layered monitoring and control gives you the information needed to effectively manage your SimpliPHI ESS
  • Scale Power - Add inverters over time to increase power output for larger electrical loads
  • Scale Energy - Start small and add batteries to get you through extended power outages
  • Versatile - IP 65 rated for indoor or outdoor installation, AC or DC Coupled, on or off grid
  • Closed Loop Communication - Seamlessly integrate with other system components to streamline programming and ensure peak performance
  • Battery Management System (BMS) - Integrated BMS protects the battery, creates additional safety, and extends cycle life
  • Automatic Notifications - Mobile app provides remote visibility to maximize interoperability and minimize on-site support

SimpliPhi Hybrid Inverter with integrated MPPT works seamlessly with the SimpliPHI 4.9 Battery, EnergyTrak, and Mobile App to deliver the most efficient, scalable, easy-to-use backup or primary power system available for homes and businesses The SimpliPHI 4.9 kWh battery utilizes advanced Lithium Ferro Phosphate (LFP) chemistry to deliver more efficient, safer and reliable energy storage. 

Designed and built with versatility in mind, the SimpliPHI 4.9 kWh Battery seamlessly integrates with all leading inverters, making it an ideal solution for battery replacement, expansion of existing systems, or as a new installation. This leading-edge power storage solution is also at the core of the energy storage system, The most advanced, safety-certified ESS available for homes and businesses.

OutBack Power EnergyCell 525FLA 6 Volt 525Ah Deep Cycle Flooded Battery

OutBack Power EnergyCell

Specs: OutBack Power EnergyCell 525FLA 6 Volt 525Ah Deep Cycle Flooded Battery


  • Designed for residential or light-commercial off-grid renewable energy power demands
  • Rugged, deep-cycle cell construction delivers superior performance and longevity
  • Proprietary cell construction reduces water loss during charging service
  • Additional fluid headspace above the battery plate extends performance between watering service intervals
  • Optimized to work seamlessly with OutBack Power conversion equipment

OutBack Power's EnergyCell FLA batteries are designed for residential or light-commercial off-grid renewable energy power demands. optimized to work seamlessly with OutBack power conversion equipment, these batteries are the perfect addition to the OutBack single-brand system solution. Built for rugged, deep-cycle cell construction, these batteries deliver superior performance and longevity.

BYD BYD-HVL-6 Battery-box Premium HVL (US) - (1) base, (6) Battery Module, 24 kWh

BYD Battery-Box Premium

Specs: BYD BYD-HVL-6 Battery-box Premium HVL (US) - (1) base, (6) Battery Module, 24 kWh


  • Capable of High-Powered Emergency-Backup and Off-Grid Functionality
  • Highest Efficiency Thanks to a Real High-Voltage Series Connection
  • The Patented Modular Plug Design Requires no Internal Wiring and Allows for Maximum Flexibility and Ease of use 
  • Free Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) Battery: Maximum Safety, Life Cycle, and Power
  • Compatible with Leading High Voltage Battery Inverters
  • Highest Safety Standards

The BYD Energy Storage System BYD-HVL-6 is a lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery with a capacity of 6.1kWh. The battery is equipped with a built-in battery management system (BMS) that provides protection against overcharging, over-discharging, and short circuits. The BYD-HVL-6 is a high-quality battery that is made with durable components. The battery is also backed by a 10-year warranty.


The Best Solar Panel Kits for Your Cabin

If you are looking for a DIY option for bringing solar to your cabin, there are a few kits that provide an all in one solution. These kits contain everything from mounting brackets to the wiring and panels themselves. While they may not be the best option if you want to customize your off grid solar system, they provide a good basic starting point. 

Contact US Solar Supplier to help create a customizable end-to-end off-grid solution for your cabin’s next solar project!